Delete That Email! You Did Not Win The Microsoft Lottery

by Better Business Bureau

Red triangular other dangers warning sign on white

Received an email lately alerting you that you have won a lottery conducted through Microsoft? Sorry to disappoint, but this is a scam!

What does the scam look like?

The scam involves an email claiming that the recipient has won the “Microsoft Email Lottery International.” To claim the fake jackpot, the “winner” must pay an advanced sum to cover costs like courier fees, taxes, attorney fees, etc. In addition, they must provide the sender with personal information such as their full name, occupation, and mobile and home phone numbers.

Most of the time, the money and information are to be sent to a foreign country, usually the United Kingdom or the Netherlands.

Steps to take if this happened to you:

  • If you have opened the email, do not click on any links.
  • If you have clicked on any links in this or other phishing email, make sure your virus software is up-to-date and run a system scan to make sure you didn’t download malware.
  • Delete the email.


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