The Foundation for Payments Fraud Abatement & Activism

The Foundation for Payments Fraud Abatement & Activism (FPF2A) is a non-profit corporation founded in 2010 by financial fraud prevention professionals who share a desire to make a positive contribution to the public good.

The mission of FPF2A is to identify, understand and resolve the root causes of payments fraud. FPF2A believes among the root causes of payments fraud is the public’s susceptibility to criminal schemes and the lack of accessible consumer information on “actionable” fraud prevention steps. We believe education is the best weapon.

FPF2A created to add “fraud prevention” to the public’s understanding of “financial literacy”; to empower individuals to protect themselves and the ones they care about from financial abuse; and to impede criminals who seek to benefit from payments fraud. FraudAvengers is a community of like-minded fraud activists, including benefactors, sponsors, guest bloggers, link partners and concerned individuals, which was created to:

  • Help consumers recognize their personal responsibility for protecting their financial information
  • Educate individuals about the latest fraud scams and what they can do to protect themselves
  • Offer a place to post questions and discuss ideas and concerns about payments fraud
  • Provide links to other resources for fraud victims to obtain additional assistance
  • Inspire individuals to become active in a national “anti-fraud” movement


The founders of FPF2A have been active in fraud reduction initiatives in the financial services and related industries for many years.

During the past ten years, they have worked together on many fraud-related projects under the auspices of various organizations. Together they bring their unique talents and fraud prevention passions to FPF2A and FraudAvengers.

President & CEO Robin Slade has spent the last decade as a leader in helping financial services executives develop fraud risk management best practices and tactical solutions. Robin has a talent for bringing strategic knowledge experts together to address a common cause.

Director of Business Development Jodi Pratt is a 35-year veteran of the financial services industry. A pioneer in the area of fraud management, Jodi has spent the last 20 years creating, developing and implementing fraud solutions.

Director of Industry Relations Michele Edson heads FPF2A’s Sales, Marketing and Partner Relationship Program. Michele has been a risk professional for more than 30 years, working closely with the financial services industry and technology providers to minimize fraud risk and maximize value to their organizations.

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