Financial Frontlines Helps Service Members Fight Debt, Financial Fraud

by Denise Richardson

Creditcard with Lock

Financial trouble has been cited as the number one threat to service members’ security clearance. A recent report by the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority found that nearly 27 percent of military families have at least $10,000 in credit card debt –compared to 16 percent of civilian adults. … Continue Reading

FTC Report Finds Credit Reports Riddled with Errors

by Jim Malmberg


February 13, 2013 – There have been numerous studies showing that credit reports frequently contain inaccurate information. Now a new report from the FTC confirms this; showing that 40 million Americans have incorrect data showing up on their credit reports. And 20 million of those people have significant errors on their reports; that’s 10% of all people with credit. If these numbers don’t frighten you then consider this. … Continue Reading

Consumers and Financial Privacy: Helpful FDIC Resources

by Debra N. Diener J.D. CIPP G

Senior Man On Phone Using Laptop At Home

It is so important to learn about financial privacy — your rights and your ability to have greater control over what financial institutions do with your personal financial information. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has a website that provides an array of consumer-oriented reports and information. … Continue Reading

Creative Ideas for Teaching Financial Literacy to Children

by Robin Slade

Boy on computer

Before your child can understand their risks of fraud, they must first have a solid understanding of financial fundamentals. Helping your kids grow up with good money management knowledge & skills can be challenging. It’s hard to keep an adult’s attention when talking about topics like saving, spending, budgeting, investing, protecting, and debt management, so how do we expect children to have an interest? FraudAvengers found several creative web-based resources to inspire and educate kids to understand financial basics and develop valuable money skills. Among our favorites are: … Continue Reading

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Sad Girl on Computer
Were You Unwittingly in the “Zombie” Army that Attacked the Internet?

The powerful attack on the Internet last week raised many questions — who did it? how did it happen? and could it happen again? Some of those answers are still unknown and could be for awhile. But what is known is that the Internet attack involved millions and millions of computers around the world. And we’re learning that not all of the computers involved are those of companies — some of the computers used, as well as other devices, are ones in people’s homes.

Nicole Perlroth outlined these disturbing facts in a recent New York Times article (see, “Devices Like Cable Boxes Figured in Internet Attack”; page B1, March 30th). … Continue Reading

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FRAUD ALERT: Fake Employment Agency Fools Job Hunters with Scam Calls

The BBB is dedicated to fostering honest and responsive relationships between businesses and consumers in the U.S. and Canada, instilling consumer confidence and contributing to a trustworthy marketplace for all. … Continue Reading

Prevention vs. Cure: Facing the Worst-Case Scenario

There’s an old saying: “There’s no such thing as bad PR.” Well, it’s not true, at least where healthcare is concerned. While starlets and bloggers may thrive on scandal and controversy, consumers look to their healthcare providers for reliable, quality care and privacy. … Continue Reading

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