“Protect Your Identity Week” – Focus on ID Theft & Mobile Devices

by Debra N. Diener J.D. CIPP G


October is National Crime Prevention month and I want to alert you about one program that’s focusing on a particularly important issue. It’s the Fifth Annual Protect Your Identity Week being sponsored by the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC), the National Sheriffs Association and the National Association of Triads, Inc.. … Continue Reading

New Mobile Security App for Android Smartphones

by Robert Siciliano


Consumers with smartphones understand they are carrying around the functions of a computer, but most users are unaware that smartphones are susceptible to the same security threats that plague laptops and desktops. … Continue Reading

iPhone Password: Easy Way to Get Stronger Protection

by Debra N. Diener J.D. CIPP G


We’re all being cautioned, warned, encouraged — pick the verb you like — to make sure we’ve got stronger passwords. If we weren’t convinced before, the rash of high-profile individual (i.e., Mat Honan) and corporate breaches (e.g., LinkedIn) should make us really heed this advice.

Now I’ve learned about an easy way to get an even stronger iPhone password. If you already know about this, that’s terrific. If not, here’s where I found an excellent article with screen shots that clearly lays out the steps. … Continue Reading

10 Tips for Protecting Data on Mobile Devices

by Debra N. Diener J.D. CIPP G


It looks like just about everybody these days has 1 or more mobile device. That may be an exaggeration but, if so, it’s a really slight one. So that also means we’re all carrying around more of the personal information we rely on, need access to and don’t want lost, infected or stolen.

But there are steps we can all take to protect against multiple problems. Here are the top 10 I’ve read about recently: … Continue Reading

Are Your Mobile Apps Up To No Good?

by Robert Siciliano


Most of us have heard the saying “It’s 2am, what are your kids doing?” and you may know, but do you know what your mobile apps are doing? I know before I started working in the industry, I would not have given a second thought to this, but consider this.

Why would an app designed to monitor your mobile’s battery need to know your location via your GPS? How come some gaming applications ask users for their phone numbers? Mobile applications, especially free ones, require some level of your personal data in order to supplement development costs. This means “free” isn’t exactly free. … Continue Reading

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Beware Disaster Related Fraud and Scams

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Fake Scanner Emails Infect Office Computers

Scammers are taking advantage of the standard emails sent by most office scanners. They have replicated the messages of famous printer brands but attach malware to the emails instead of documents.

How the Scam Works:

You are at work, and you receive a message from what you think is your office printer/scanner. It appears that someone sent you a copy of a scanned document. The name doesn’t ring a bell, but you open the attachment anyway.

When you click on the file, you find that it isn’t a scanned copy of the latest office report. It’s really a link to a third-party website that will download a virus to your computer. These viruses phish for personal and banking information on your machine. … Continue Reading

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Recently, my mother-in-law discovered that a pretty significant piece of jewelry had gone missing. There had been a number of construction workers in the house for a few weeks and when she went to get her jewelry, it was gone. After searching like a crazy person under/in/on top of everything, she called the police.

When the police arrived they asked a bunch of questions, did an onsite investigation and calmly and collectively stated to her: “You misplaced it. It probably hasn’t been stolen. You will find it in a few days.” … Continue Reading

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