Long-Term Care Fraud: Stealing from the Coffers of the Elderly

by Thomas R. Kaiser Sr.

Elder hand on wheelchair

The population of the elderly in the United States is growing due to the aging of the baby boomers and they are living longer due to improvements in health care. 2010 Census Bureau data shows that seniors (those 65 and older), increased by 15.1% to 40.3 million, or 13.1% of the total U.S. population. Life expectancy in the U.S. is at 78.2 years and death rates are at an all-time low (1). … Continue Reading

Insurance Fraud and Elder Abuse: An Elder Turns Against His Peers

by Barry Zalma, Esq., CFE

Man on phone

Donald Martin Steffensen, 73, of Midvale, Utah was sentenced on January 27 for violating California’s Financial Elder Abuse and Grand Theft laws. The complaint alleged that while doing business as Senior Financial Benefits, Steffensen defrauded a 75-year-old Madera County resident. After selling his client an annuity, he directed the insurance company to send monthly benefits, totaling about $55,000 to his own address without the client’s knowledge. … Continue Reading

A Personal Experience: Seniors Find it Difficult to Report Fraud

by Denise Richardson


I often try to draw attention to real stories of fraud and identity theft whenever I can. I think that it helps to drive home the point that financial harm, fraud and identity theft can happen to anyone. By sharing our personal stories, we expose the effects it has on our lives. That’s the same reason that I often share my own experiences; it allows me to say “This is real … Continue Reading

Elder Abuse: The Story Behind Stranger-Owned Life Insurance (STOLI)

by Thomas R. Kaiser Sr.

Elder hand on wheelchair

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. An elderly couple is invited to a fancy dinner by a life insurance agent. After an evening of good food, drink and conversation, the agent tells the elderly couple about an investment opportunity that will net the elderly couple a nice tidy sum of cash. All they have to do is take out a life insurance policy for a large sum of money, say $10 million. The agent promises to loan the couple the money to pay the premiums and will even give the elderly couple a hefty cash reward for doing so … Continue Reading

A Grim Fairytale of Elder Abuse: The Straw Buyer and Reverse Mortgage Scam

by Robin Slade

Elder hand on wheelchair

Once upon a time a con named Don wanted to purchase a foreclosed, depressed property but was unable to obtain a mortgage. Don enlisted the help of a greedy son-of-a-b*&^% named Mitch to act as a “straw buyer.” They were able to secure a loan because Mitch fraudulently led the bank to believe the property would be used as his primary residence. … Continue Reading

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Beware Disaster Related Fraud and Scams

The Boston and Texas tragedies remind us that when disaster strikes, we are not always prepared to deal with the magnitude of the chaotic wake that follows such events in our communities … Continue Reading

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Fake Scanner Emails Infect Office Computers

Scammers are taking advantage of the standard emails sent by most office scanners. They have replicated the messages of famous printer brands but attach malware to the emails instead of documents.

How the Scam Works:

You are at work, and you receive a message from what you think is your office printer/scanner. It appears that someone sent you a copy of a scanned document. The name doesn’t ring a bell, but you open the attachment anyway.

When you click on the file, you find that it isn’t a scanned copy of the latest office report. It’s really a link to a third-party website that will download a virus to your computer. These viruses phish for personal and banking information on your machine. … Continue Reading

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Unknown Credit Card Charges: Fraud or Legit?

Recently, my mother-in-law discovered that a pretty significant piece of jewelry had gone missing. There had been a number of construction workers in the house for a few weeks and when she went to get her jewelry, it was gone. After searching like a crazy person under/in/on top of everything, she called the police.

When the police arrived they asked a bunch of questions, did an onsite investigation and calmly and collectively stated to her: “You misplaced it. It probably hasn’t been stolen. You will find it in a few days.” … Continue Reading

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