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Welcome to FraudAvengers

We at FraudAvengers have taken it as our mission to support the goal of Financial Literacy by educating the public on how villains use today’s payment options and technologies to commit fraud, and what each of us can do to strengthen our defenses against them. The first thing to learn is that there is much we can do proactively to fight fraud and most of it is very easy to do – we just need to do it. “Financial Literacy[1]” has been identified as an important and all-too-often missing component of American education. Thankfully, there are efforts underway to provide this information to all levels of society so that we can all understand and benefit from the numerous financial product and service options we now have available. Nevertheless, learning how fraud can creep into our daily financial activities, how to identify it and what can be done to prevent or, at least, decrease our risk of being victimized is a specialized type of education in itself. It becomes even more challenging because it must include the role that our new technologies often play in fraud, as miscreants leverage the Internet, smart phones, VOIP, social networking sites, etc., exponentially increasing the number of people they can reach and the amount of damage they can do. FraudAvengers was developed by the Foundation for Payments Fraud Abatement and Activism (FPF2A). We are a non-profit corporation, established to address the unmet needs of consumers and the public-at-large in regard to payments fraud prevention and protection. We believe individuals can play a big role in curtailing what today is a growing problem of fraud committed against the American public.  Join us as anti-fraud activists, protecting yourselves, your loved ones and your community.

[1] Defined as “Possessing the skills and knowledge on financial matters to confidently take effective action that best fulfills an individual's personal, family and global community goals.” http://www.financialeducatorscouncil.org/financial-literacy-definition.html