Teachable Moments in Identity


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As parents we start teaching our kids the basics of how the world and everything in it work. The Cow goes Moo, the sky is blue, keep your identity true. This suggestion may feel like it goes a bit too far, but does it really? One of the new basics should be helping our children to understand what their identity truly is. … Continue Reading

Google Now Allows Gmail Users to Spy on Email Recipients

by Jim Malmberg


Tracking how people respond to email messages is nothing new. In fact, the sender of virtually every commercial email message you read gets aggregate tracking information on the messages they send. They know how many messages were sent, how many were opened and how many people clicked through on any links in the messages. … Continue Reading

Online Degree Scams: Beware of Degree and Diploma Mills

by Natalia Kuzma


Today, technology is utilized and embraced globally.

The Internet alone has become a tool that allows users to research, invest, communicate, edit and share files, and earn an income, among other things. … Continue Reading

How do I protect Myself engaged in the Internet of Things?

by Robert Siciliano

Tech Devices

The Internet of Things—IoT—is a formal term referring to distinctly identifiable objects (cars, kitchen appliances, smartphones) and their cyber-representations on the Internet. … Continue Reading

A Work At Home Opportunity That’s Not So Golden

by Federal Trade Commission


Looking to make some extra cash? So are scammers. Listen to this one about a telemarketing resale scam targeting Spanish-speakers nationwide. … Continue Reading

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Beware of Rich Text “Poisened” Files

This is a “heads up” for people who use Rich Text (RTF) files. Brad Chacos reported recently that hackers are using “poisoned” RTF files to gain control of consumers’ PCs (www.csoonline; “Just previewing email can give attackers control of your PC, Microsoft warns”; March 25, 2014). … Continue Reading

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Don’t Fall for Google Drive Phishing Scam

Sophisticated scammers have created a fake Google log-in screen that is actually hosted on the company’s servers. Watch out for scam Google Drive emails that prompt you to enter your username and password into this look-alike form. … Continue Reading

Airport Wi-Fi
How To Stop Criminal Hackers In Their Tracks

Do you offer free WiFi? Put these three safeguards in place to protect your customers and your business.

On a recent trip from Boston to New York on an Acela Express train, I was writing blogs and doing some research using Amtrak’s free wireless Internet. … Continue Reading

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