‘Side Effects’ of Affordable Care Act

by ID Experts

Medical Identity Theft

The list of side effects for many medications is long and somewhat frightening—anything from dizziness to fever to death. Side effects of the Affordable Care Act are equally troubling—including increased risk to data security and patient privacy—according to findings from the Fourth Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy and Data Security by Ponemon Institute. … Continue Reading

10 Easy Ways to hide from spies

by Robert Siciliano

Identity Theft in Progress

Who would have ever thought that that marvelous invention, the smartphone, as well as your tablet and PC, would give you cause for concern about hiding from spies? And when I say spies I mean anyone who has a vested interest in your information whether that is governments foreign or domestic or a spouse, employer, marketer or just some freaky weirdo. … Continue Reading

Data breaches: What’s a person to do?

by Federal Trade Commission


Recent headlines about data breaches at retail stores and universities may have you wondering if there’s anything you can do to help protect your credit going forward. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, says the answer is yes. … Continue Reading

Is your Phone being tracked?

by Robert Siciliano

Tech Devices

The owner of your favorite restaurant may be tracking your every move—via your smartphone. Not because he’s a snoop, but because he believes knowing when and where you go for entertainment will benefit his business. … Continue Reading

Google Now Allows Gmail Users to Spy on Email Recipients

by Jim Malmberg


Tracking how people respond to email messages is nothing new. In fact, the sender of virtually every commercial email message you read gets aggregate tracking information on the messages they send. They know how many messages were sent, how many were opened and how many people clicked through on any links in the messages. … Continue Reading

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