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Welcome to Fraud Avengers!

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Fraud Avengers is now a site owned and operated by Utica College.  We are proud to host your online source for the latest information regarding fraud.  We aim to provide a balanced product for all those interested in fraud and financial crime which would include consumers, academics, researchers, law enforcement and students.

The project will be led by Dr. Bernard L. Hyman, Jr., '94 Professor of Practice of Fraud and Financial Crime at Utica College.  He will work with a team of students and faculty to keep the page fresh and informative.  Dr. Hyman received his undergraduate degree in Criminal Justice - Economic Crime Investigation with a concentration in Financial Investigations from Utica College.  He then attended Syracuse University College of Law and received his Juris Doctorate in May 1997.  Shortly thereafter, he was admitted to the practice of law in February 1998.