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Top 12 Scams Happening NOW

Scamerama is here to stay! Scams are as old as time, and evolve as inventions and technology evolve. Top scams, according to a report on, are as follows: … Continue Reading

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New Banking Identity Theft Scam Coming to a Cell Phone Near You

A new scam is making the rounds and it is using text messaging as the vehicle to reach potential victims. The message appears to come from a bank and simply tells the user to call their bank immediately. The phone number to call is provided in the message. … Continue Reading

Fake Gov. Emails Have Arrest Warrant Attached

Don’t let this email scam scare you into downloading a malware-infected attachment. The Federal Trade Commission is warning about fake emails that claim to be from the made-up “Bureau of Defaulters,” with an attached “arrest warrant” that is really malware. … Continue Reading

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