Jamaican Phone Scammers use BBB Name

by Better Business Bureau

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A classic scam is back in action! Jamaican scammers are calling unsuspecting consumers across the country, but this time they are pretending to be representatives of BBB.

How the Scam Works:

You get a call from a phone number with a “876” area code. The person on the other line may have an accent but claims to work for BBB. The caller tells you that you won a sweepstakes with a prize of $2 million and a Mercedes Benz. The catch is that you can’t collect your winnings until you pay them a fee.

This is the current scenario, but the scam will evolve as word gets out.  Scammers are claiming to represent the Acadiana BBB in Louisiana, but this may change to another location or even another credibility-boosting organization, such as the FBI.

The scam itself also may change. Instead of asking victims to collect lottery winnings, scammers may ask for you to deposit a check and wire them part of the money or inform you that you are receiving a fake government grant.

I Think I’ve Found a Scam. What Should I Do?

For More Information:

Join the national Do Not Call registry. This won’t stop scams entirely, but it can help reduce the number of unwanted calls you receive.


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